:: Batman The Series Blu Ray Press Conference SDCC2014!!!! BAM!!!


Julie Newmar, Adam West, and Burt Ward discuss the (finally!) release of the Batman 1960′s TV Series on Blu Ray. The entire series will hit 11/11/14 and will include EVERY EPISODE of the iconic show.  You can pre-order it here

This panel was amazing and filled with stories and anecdotes from these legends. I can only imagine what sort of great extras we will get on the Blu Ray. I could have listened to this all day.  It was a treat and an honor to hear these actors talk about how Frank Sinatra wanted to play The Joker (CAN YOU IMAGINE THE SUITS???)  And all the amazing things that happened to make the show a reality.  Poor Burt Ward…


:: Penguins of Madagascar All over the place

The new Penguins movie is bringing some of the best villain voices around.  But this time Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t the bad guy…he’s a wolf and he’s a hero.

The new movie will be released soon.  In the meantime here’s the trailer as well as the press conference from SDCC2014.  Sadly Cumberbatch didn’t make it as he was running late and the press line decided to hold onto him like an octopus (which funnily enough is the villain in this movie, played by John Malkovich who in fact did show up.)

Below you’ll find the trailer and the press conference with Malkovich and the films creators.


:: The leaked Batman/Superman Footage.

Here’s the footage shown at Comicon.  As of right now you can check this out.  Watch now before its gone.  I’m not seeing what the big deal is, other than Superman and Batman make glowey eyes at each other and Ben Affleck’s lower face looks constipated.

Also you know…that oh so impressive Wonder Woman costume was revealed while there too.
Because we hadn’t already seen Xena before (Xena, who actually looked tall enough to be an amazon and had a build to go with it.)


I’m sorry, but this is still not touching my inner amazonian goddess in any way.  Marvel still won Comicon.


:: Kevin Smith’s Tusk….as odd as you can imagine and with 100 % More Depp

That’s right.  Announced at Comicon this weekend Johnny Depp will for sure be in Tusk (as a character called Guy LaPointe)

But besides that Michael Parks looks crazy creepy phenomenal as the man who wants to turn Justin Long into a walrus.

Yes, that’s the plot.

I’ll just leave this here.

:: Mad Max is Back..with Charlize Theron as the Nuclear Winter Soldier

Okay, maybe that’s not who she is.  But she’s sporting a niffty mechanical arm.

The trailer for Mad Max Fury Road doesn’t give us much in the way of plot details.  It’s just filled with a lot of crazy desert car chases and insanity.  Which is part of the reason we go see Mad Max movies.  The other part being those leather pants.  And maybe feral kid.

This looks like an awesome throwback to the 80′s and those crazy ass Mad Max movies we all loved.  It helps that it’s being made by the guy responsible for all of those original films as well, George Miller.  It will be exploding everywhere next year.


:: Battle of the Five Armies Trailer

The new Lord of the Rings Hobbit trailer is here fresh from SDCC 2014.  The trailer gives us the feel of the film which is going to be filled with a lot of sadness and loss.  I also noticed here that Thorin’s response of WAR sounds very much like Smaug’s voice or something darker.  One wonders if that is on purpose.

This movie was one of the major ones to be showcased at SDCC with a ton of the cast there and one of the most awesome moderators EVER in the form of Stephen Colbert (who made no attempt to hide his egging on of Peter Jackson and Philippa Boyens that Tom Bombadil should have been in the movies…and I think he thinks he would have been the perfect casting choice.)

The Battle of the Five Armies comes out late this year and you should just start stocking up on your tissues now.


:: Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool again…sort of

Here’s the leaked Deadpool test footage of what should have been.  Because I’d love this movie with every fiber of my being.


:: Beneath (2014)


Sam Marsh (Kelly Noonan), daughter of retiring coal-miner George (Jeff Fahey) makes a bet with his mining buddies that she can manage a day underground to prove that women can do as good a job as men.  Unfortunately, while down there, disaster strikes and the team is trapped with dwindling air.  But that isn’t the only problem: something else may be down in the mine with them.  Something homicidal.  Something ghostly.


Beneath, directed by Ben Ketai, and written by Patrick Doody and Chris Valenziano, set off the horseshit-o-meter immediately with the intertile that claims it was inspired by “true events”.  Really?  Hackles up, and suspension of disbelief scraping zero, I still persevered with the movie.  And I’m still not sure if I regret that decision or not.  There are some interesting moments in the film, but none that amount to something special.  The plot is pedestrian at best, the direction fairly standard with only a few moments that could be described as inspired, and the whole thing seems to be a film made of bits that would have been edited out of other movies.  That’s not entirely fair: the story is coherent enough, but it’s… it’s just “meh”, as you young people might say.  You watch the film unfold, from the drawn out “getting to know you” establishing the characters,  few of which are of any interest.  Sam is feisty, ok.  She has a love interest in Randy (Joey Kern), fine. There’s a young rookie, Grubbs (Mark L Young), so far so cliche.  George Marsh has a lung problem, well, of course.  And there is the obligatory asshole in the form of Masek (Eric Etibari), naturally.  Then they all go down the mine. 

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