:: Downton Abbey Christmas Carol (now with more hooch)


George Clooney’s appearance on Downton Abbey sort of happened.  And it’s just as awesome as you’d expect.  The bonus comes in the form of Jeremy Piven as Mr. Selfridge and Joanna Lumley as an Angel.  This was for a charity benefit (sort of like Comic Relief) called Text Santa that aired on Dec 19th.

Check out parts one and two below.

:: Marvel Vs DC: Not real but damn I wish it was

This fan made trailer is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a LONG while.  The editing is excellent and it was put together using various DC and Marvel properties.  It was created by Alex Luthor who has a number of trailers on his YouTube page that are What If’s.

Check this out and tell me YOU wouldn’t line up a month in advance for something this cool.

Thanks to Josh Burton for the heads up

:: Steven Moffat Talks to Fangirl Magazine about Christmas and the Doctor

_AC_3793.jpg  Steven Moffat

Your friendly neighborhood editor got a chance to talk to Doctor Who Showrunner Steven Moffat late last week about the upcoming Christmas special during a conference call.  During the chat Moffat defended the Doctor against some naughty accusations about the Doctor being the cause of some companions having their lives destroyed:

“I mean that’s not true about all the Doctor’s
companions. It’s maybe what the Doctor thinks in his darker moments and
when he’s dying in “Let’s Kill Hitler.” He worries that he might’ve done them
terrible harm.

But Rose is off in a parallel universe. She’ll be with her – with a human 

version of the Doctor. She’s fine. Martha learns to stand up for herself and got
over her crush on the Doctor and she soars off.

Yes Donna has a more miserable thing. But she doesn’t know she’s miserable.
She ends up actually quite happy and married to a good bloke. Rory and Amy
are perfectly happy in New York. They’re dead, but, you know, everyone
from that year is dead so that’s all right. They lived to a ripe old age and had a
lovely time.

The Doctor – so he’s not – they all don’t leave under terrible circumstances at 

all. I think the tragedy when Amy and Rory went was the Doctor lost them not
- and that in the end they, you know, of course that, you know, Amy would
choose Rory over the Doctor in a heartbeat. And he actually had some trouble
quite dealing with that.

But the fact is, no he doesn’t ruin their lives. He can induce a certain amount
of trauma, it must be said. But no they’re not all destroyed by any means.

:: What We Do In The Shadows: Film Review




What We Do in the Shadows

Film Review

By Jessica Dwyer

While many consider the vampire genre has finally died (which is sort of ironic considering what we are talking about) a movie like What We Do in the Shadows comes along and flips those naysayers the bird…or more so the bat.

Writers and directors Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi also star as two of the films four vampire leads, Vladislav and Viago respectively. Vladislav is an over the top Vlad Dracula type with a penchant for impaling (let the innuendos run free) while Viago is a gentle soul and a dandy. They are roommates in modern New Zealand with a centuries old Nosferatu named Petyr played by Ben Fransham, who channels his inner Barlow from Salem’s Lot really well. Also living in the house is Deacon, the youngest in the house at only 183. Played by Jonathan Brugh, Deacon has a female minion who does his bidding (and his laundry) under the promise that someday she’ll be turned into a vampire. Deacon was turned by Petyr and really hates doing dishes.


The group have agreed to let a camera crew “safely” document their lives…including how difficult it is to get into clubs when you literally have to be invited inside. There’s also the normal roommate issues of giant piles of bloody dishes that need to be cleaned. And how to dress your best when you can’t see your self in a mirror.


We also learn the histories of each of the roommates and their sordid, sometimes tragic romantic pasts. Eventually we are introduced to the newly made Nick placed by Cori Gonzalez-Macuer who was turned by Petyr after a messy feeding incident.

:: Epic Rap Battles: The Directors Version

This may be on the same level as Rick Grimes Vs Walter White.  Just when you think that Kubrick is the furthest they can go…they prove you wrong.  This new season rules.  Keep it coming boys.

:: Peter Capaldi Fan Interview for Mind of Leonardo


Inside the Mind of Leonardo, the awesome 3D documentary starring Peter Capaldi as the master of all arts is getting ready to have its limited release here in the states.  The film will in fact be shown in 3D and if you haven’t seen it yet, you really need to hunt it out in case it is close by.

Recently the Twitter/Facebook feeds for the film gave fans an opportunity to submit questions for Peter Capaldi and your friendly neighborhood editor was one of the lucky ones to get her question asked.  Below you can check out the video for Capadi’s response.  And you can also check out the trailer for the film.  Be sure to go to the films site as well to see if it will be playing near you this month.

Here’s the link to Jessica’s question.

Post by Inside the Mind of Leonardo da Vinci in 3D.

Click here to see all the responses so far

Here’s the intro to the film:

:: Stephen Colbert is living the Tolkien Fanboy Dream


Stephen Colbert is in the final stretch of his series The Colbert Report.  And his leaving having attained King Tolkien Fanboy status uber.  The finale (you would wonder if this was planned) ties in almost perfectly with the release of the final film in the Hobbit and LOTR series.

So being the awesome geek boy we love, Colbert is using this to the hilt and in the last few days has not only interviewed a dragon on his show, but he’s cosplayed as Legolas, Gandalf, and Bilbo for the cover of Entertainment Weekly.  And he actually managed to look like all three of them.  The guys a pro.  And bonus…he was wearing stuff from the actual costume department for The Hobbit.

But first let’s see Colbert take on Smaug….one of the most awesome interviews ever (and he just chatted with the President of the United States)

And here’s the footage of Colbert doing his photo shoot for the cover of EW.

And lastly, here are the finished products from said shoot.  I love this man…and I shall miss this show.

1342-BILBO 1342-GANDALF 1342-LEGOLAS Entertainment-Weekly-Stephen-Colbert-Bilbo-2 Entertainment-Weekly-Stephen-Colbert-Legolas gammasquadcolberttolkien5

:: Never Alone Game Review

Never Alone 1

Never Alone

Game Review/Response

By Sarah Buck

I play a good amount of video games. I would never call myself a gamer, but that’s mostly because a thousand internet trolls would take up arms against me saying it. Recently I picked up the game Never Alone on the Playstation Network. I am an avid supporter of indie games and have been thrilled to see how much growth the video game industry has achieved over the past few years in terms of subject matter. Now, more than ever, video games are branching out from a consumer product to become works of art.

Never Alone is a shining example of such a game and I would argue that it takes things even a step further into the realm of cultural awareness. Based on the stories of the Alaskan Iñupiaq tribe, Never Alone takes you on a journey through the story, but also makes you experience the telling in a unique way. I have always thought that video games are a media through which one experiences things. For example, when I watch a play through of the horror game P.T. on Youtube, I may be scared a time or two, but I can make it through without walking away from it. When I go to play that same game myself, it is too horrifying for me to deal with, even though I know what’s coming. Something about the fact that my own actions are causing the terrifying events in the game makes it more of an experience than simply watching it.

The makers of Never Alone I think are acutely aware of this level of interaction you can experience with games, and they utilized it fully when creating the game.

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