:: Fangirl Holiday Buying Guide: Geek Goodies Edition Pt 1

The Fangirl Holiday Buying Guide returns, this time with Geek Goodies that beg to be bought.  Part 1 of our Geek Goodie guide includes some of the pieces we discussed on Fangirl Radio  this week.  Geek Goodies include collectibles and great pieces of the weird and freaky.  When I put these together I try to keep the pieces referenced reasonable.  We can’t all afford a lifesize talking Bobba Fett although we all want one…I mean come on.

Agent Toth Melting Candle


Seriously.  Look at it.  This should have existed years ago.  I demand a Poltergeist version.  The Agent Toth candle sadly seems out of stock now, but it will be back in stock next year and is available for pre-order.  The only issue I have with this is that it doesn’t have red wax inside it.  That would just be epic.  You can at least pre-order it and give the person a picture of it inside a box with a warning not to look directly at it.

Supernatural/Doctor Who/Sherlock/Walking Dead Ornaments 


We’ve posted this previously but they go on sale tomorrow and are limited.   TAG Graphics are creating these limited edition ornaments and they WILL sell out.  Go to TAG’s website on Saturday 11/22/14 at 12pm EST to order.

Borg Cube Fridge


Via ThinkGeek this is probably one of the most intimidating fridges I’ve ever seen.  The only way to top this would be a Lament Configuration ice box.  They are still in stock and yes…they do in fact glow green inside.  You can stash 9 soda cans in here, which is the perfect amount of Mtn. Dew for an all night gaming session.  And a heart attack.

Old Book Pillows


These are adorable and perfect for the bibliophile on your shopping list.  

:: Fangirl Radio Links for 11/20/14 Episode!

Hey Fangirls and Boys!  Here are the links to our discussion on this weeks episode of the Fangirl Radio Show!

First up, here’s the latest Low Budget Review Show with our guest co-host Erik Smith.  You can check out all of Erik’s Low Budget Reviews on his YouTube Page via the link.

Also discussed on our show were the beautiful ornaments being designed in limited edition by Tracey Gurney.


These will be available  onSaturday 11/22/14 at 12pm EST.   You can go to her site via this link

~They will be sold individually for $11 each. Ornaments are ceramic and boy did they take a minute to make. (Free US Shipping, international shipping rates will apply.)

*There are a limited number of each design available.

The designs are as followed:
~Supernatural – 5 of each
(Dean, Sam, Cas, Crowley)
~The Walking Dead
(Daryl Dixon/Merle Dixon- together on one ornament) – 3 in quantity
(Daryl Dixon Drive design) – 5 in quantity
~Sherlock – 5 in quantity
(Sherlock, Watson – together on one ornament)
~Doctor Who (Rose & Ten) – 5 in quantity

We will also include information on these again on our Christmas buying guide for Geek Goodies that will be posted tomorrow and will include some of the other pieces discussed on the show.

David Hasselhoff and Mayor Goodman Kick Off 2010 Knight Rider Festival in Las Vegas, NV on March 19, 2010

The final part of our episode was dedicated to producer/writer/series creator Glen Larson (shown above with Knight Rider’s David Hasselhoff.)  Larson was the man behind some of the 70′s and 80′s greatest series (at least to geeks like us) that included Knight Rider, Battlestar Galactica, BJ And the Bear, Automan, and Manimal.   Here are some of the series intros that you may or may not have heard of that Larson brought to the small screen.  

:: As Above, So Below (2014)


Scarlett Marlow (Perdita Weeks) is on the trail of the mythical Philosopher’s Stone, traveling the same obsessive path that led her father to suicide.  She finds clues in Iran that point her to a hidden cavern in the catacombs of Paris.  She enlists the help of former lover George (Ben Feldman), and claustrophobic camera-man Benji (Edwin Hodge).


Together, they piece together clues that point to the secret chamber of alchemist Nicholas Flamel.  A mysterious stranger points them in the direction of an urban explorer, called Papillon, and his friends.  As they explore the catacombs, they are trapped by a collapse and have to go deeper to try and find their way out.  However, they soon realise that their progress may be taking them into the very bowels of their subconscious, and the pit of Hell itself…


Directed by John Erike Dowdle, and written by him and his brother Drew, As Above, So Below is an intelligent addition to the found-footage subgenre.  Taking the quest for the philosopher’s stone as a start, but delving into a little bit of Dante’s Inferno, the script is fairly solid, even if the basic plot is pretty obvious.  The film is more a triumph of visuals and creepiness then you would expect, and the whole Flamel and the Philosopher’s Stone aspect is fresh and intriguing.


The only real problems are down to poor lighting, and unclear sound.  Some of the actors are French, and it can be hard to discern what they are saying through their accents.  However, the performances are very good: Perdita Weeks is gorgeous and believable as the driven Scarlett, and Edwin Hodge is fantastic when he starts to lose his cool in the catacombs. 

:: Cinderella ala Kenneth Branagh Looks Pretty



The newest live action retelling of a fairy tale from Disney looks quite pretty, but not very different in tone (like say Maleficent.)  Cinderella directed by Kenneth Branagh has a couple of stars showing up from Westeros in the form of Richard Madden and Nonso Anozie.  You’ve also got some Marvel action in the way of Haley Atwell as Cinderella’s mother.  And of course…Helena Bonham Carter as a fairy godmother. 

Taking over the crown of evil Step Mother with style from Angelica Huston you’ve also got an import from Middle Earth in the guise of Cate Blanchett.  So yes, this film has guarnteed a number of geeks will be in their seats for it in March when it hits theaters. 


:: Legends of the Knight: Film Review


Legends of the Knight

Film Review

By Jessica Dwyer

There have been numerous documentaries of late about comic books.  The history of the entire industry, specific characters, and the people behind them have been springing up with almost as frequency as comic book movies themselves.  But what hasn’t been spoken about enough are the people who read the comics and what those comics and the characters within them truly can mean.  That’s what makes Legends of the Knight stand out and why it’s a film every comic book fan, young or old, should watch.

Legends of the Knight doesn’t focus on Batman so much as what Batman signifies and what Batman means to the people who are the true stars of the film.  What Director Brett Culp has done is show just how important comics can be and specifically what Batman can be to those looking for a role model when they need it.

Batman is set apart from nearly every other super hero because he’s one of us.  He doesn’t have special powers and he’s damaged by what life has thrown at him.  But what also sets Batman apart is specifically that…he’s human and he uses that humanity as his weapon against the evil and injustice in the world.  His main weapons aren’t the Batmobile or the Batarang in his hand…it’s his heart and brain…it’s his will.  And so we see in this film people who’ve taken that philosophy of Batman to heart and have turned themselves into heroes and have battled adversity to win in the end.

Culp focuses on individuals throughout the film who have taken their inspriation from Batman including a Las Vegas cop who goes by the moniker of Batman (and is on the gang squad of the police dept.)  He shows us a little boy named Kye who fought cancer because Batman wouldn’t lay down and take it.  

:: Westworld TV Series Headed to HBO

This is actually some BIG news.  HBO will be producing a TV series based off of the classic 1970′s film Westworld.  If you don’t remember it, that’s the movie with Yul Brenner as the Gunslinger robot out to kill Richard Benjamin.  The film was set in a vacation resort populated by robots with themed worlds like Westworld, Roman World, and so on.  But the robots malfunction and turn on the guests, killing them.   And yes before you ask…you can have sex with the robots.


The film got a sequel called FutureWorld which starred Peter Fonda (and even saw Brenner come back in a dream sequence.)  And then a TV series (which didn’t last) called Beyond Westworld.

The new series is coming with some major star power according to the Hollywood Reporter, with Sir Anthony Hopkins taking his first TV series role as the creator who runs the park.  The robots will be all kinds of pretty with James Marsden, Thandie Newton, and Evan Rachel Wood playing the prototypes.  Ed Harris will also be a regular along with Miranda Otto.   The creative team behind the camera is equally impressive with Jonathan Nolan penning the script with Lisa Joy and JJ Abrams executive producing via Bad Robot.

It will be hitting in 2015…which means no doubt that you will see ALL KINDS OF STUFF AT COMICON.

Here’s some of past incarnations of Westworld:

:: Fangirl Holiday Buying Guide: DVD’s & Blu Rays Edition Pt 1

Your friendly neighborhood editor here boys and girls!

It’s the holidays!  And Fangirl Magazine is here to help you with your gift buying.  We’ll have a new gift guide every week for the goodies that Fangirls (and boys) all would like to see under the tree or in their stocking this year.

First up DVD’s and Blu Rays (one of my favorites)  This holiday season we have a TON of new and awesome DVD’s to pick from so let’s get started.



TrueBlood The Complete Series

While the series went out with more a whimper than a bang, TrueBlood fans do love their fang gang.  The TrueBlood Complete Series set released by HBO this month is a good buy at just under 200 bucks on Amazon.com right now (Regular price will sock you for 299.99.)  The set is impressive though with a ton of extras and it is hefty with all seven seasons of the show (33 discs).  The packaging is nice and holds all the Blu Ray with their spines showing on one side for easy access.  But truthfully Blu Rays of seasons 3 and 4 still going for around 30 bucks a pop on sale, this is a decent price for the entire show.  If you have a vampire fan who loves TrueBlood and hasn’t bought these yet, this is that GOOD gift.  If you are a fan and have only bought the first season this is still a good purchase.  The extras are too numerous to mention here and probably equal the show in run time.   One other neat bonus with this is the fact it gives you THE ENTIRE SERIES ON ITUNES TOO and Ultraviolet.  Which means you can keep the discs and give away the download code to someone.  

:: The End is Near, Tis the Last Goodbye


The final entry in the Lord of the Rings series is soon upon us.  And now you can listen to the final song, sung by Billy Boyd, Pippin himself.

The Last Goodbye will play during the credits of Battle of The Five Armies.  Boyd is a great singer with a band himself called Beecake.  The song is actually quite beautiful and was well chosen for the final entry into an epic series that has spawned over the years and become a legend in cinema.

Battle of the Five Armies will hit screens on December 17th and you had better bring some tissues.  The soundtrack will hit shelves on December 9th.


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