:: Simon Pegg & Nick Frost are Shaun & Ed again!

Yes, in animated form.  Phineas And Ferb’s Halloween episode airs on October 4th on the Disney Channel.  And here you have Shaun and Ed having an intense discussion about clothing and infection.  This really does make you want to ponder the merits of a Shaun of the Dead cartoon special…because…we sort of need it now.


:: The Unspeakable Challenge


Thirty Lovecraftian movies in thirty days.  Is it even possible?  That’s what bounced around my brain an instant after I thought of the challenge.  Is it even feasible to watch and review 30 movies inspired by the works of H. P Lovecraft in a month, culminating on Halloween night?


Howard Philips Lovecraft was born in 1890 in Providence, Rhode Island, United States of America.  His early life was not a happy one, his father being committed to an asylum when he was only three.  His mother used to dress him as a little girl and constantly told him he was ugly.  Ill throughout his childhood, he was essentially a self-taught man: astronomy and history being among the subjects in which he educated himself.  Imaginative, even as a child, he began to write horror stories, inspired by his heroes Edgar Allen Poe, Robert W Chambers and Ambrose Bierce.  These dark tales, woven it seems from the introspection brought on by anxiety and sickness, eventually coalesced into what we now know as “The Cthulhu Mythos”.  That was still ahead for the young Howard: he had more tragedies to endure.  His beloved grandfather, who served as patriarch since the incarceration and death of Howard’s father, also died five years later.  As he grew up a bookish, awkward young man, he would prefer to venture out at night, leaving the days for writing.  He got his “break”, as it were, complaining about love-stories in The Argosy magazine.  He was drawn into the United Amateur Press Association, and began to build his network of correspondents, among the Robert E Howard (creator of Conan the Barbarian), Robert Bloch (author of Psycho), Harry Houdini (yes, that Harry Houdini), and Frank Belknap Long (short story writer, and one of Lovecraft’s few close friends).

:: AHS: Freak Show, here comes Twisty the Clown

The AHS:  Freakshow Facebook page has unveiled a new trailer for the series.  This one gives us our first full on look at Twisty the Clown.  It’s brief, but thanks to my OCD I’ve managed to snag a clear shot of him for you…which you may regret.

Twisty 2

Jeeeeezuusss.  Yes that’s Twisty.  Who I’m sure will live up to his name.  I’m sorry…I’m so so sorry.

UPDATE:  Here’s the new trailer that screenshot came from…you’ve been warned:

Here’s a collection of the teasers we’ve had so far.  Each one hints at what will be in the show which looks like it may be the best season of AHS we’ve yet to see.  American Horror Story: Freak Show starts on October 8th on the FX Network.

:: The Salvation of the Vampire – By Jessica Dwyer


The Salvation of the Vampire

Only Lovers Left Alive and The Strain

By Jessica Dwyer

Over the last decade the vampire genre has become something of a joke to many.  A glut of vampire themed films, television, and now its own romance novel subgenre has seemingly defanged one of the most beloved monsters in the world of horror.

Where the gothic dark mystique once was we now have a sparkling sheen of teen angst.  Where the decaying fear inducing emaciated Count Orlok once stood towering we have a sexy bad boy with rippling abs.  It wouldn’t be so hard to take if it wasn’t for the fact that it seems we are only getting clones of the same story over and over with the same sort of blood sucker who’s just lost their bite.

To save our beloved night dweller two genius directors have, as is sometimes necessary, gone back to the past to save the present.  Jim Jarmusch and Guillermo del Toro have created two masterpieces of vampire media, one a film and the other a television series, both of them brilliant.  Not only are they brilliant, but they both take their cues from the classic world of the vampire, keeping the fangs intact and bringing them to modern times, each with their own unique twist on the mythology.

Only Lovers Left Alive


 Of the two, Only Lovers is the more classic film representation of the vampire.  Jarmusch is a unique filmmaker and he brings that quirkiness to this film, creating a sardonic and world weary vampire in Adam (perfectly played by Tom Hiddleston who took the role when actor Michael Fassbender had to drop out.)  The movie follows Adam as he resides in the slowly deteriorating city of Detroit. 

:: Fangirl Shopping: Retro-A-Go-Go


Retro- A-Go-Go!

By Sarah Buck

As many of you know, the indomitable Jessica Dwyer and I made our way over to Indianapolis for Horror Hound Weekend this month. It was amazing. I met a lot of awesome people, and a superb time. One of my very favorite parts of going to any convention is seeking out unique items to take home with me. My absolute favorite thing to find is unique, handmade jewelry.

Wandering about on the floor is usually a hurried and hit-and-miss experience. Good thing, then, that the Retro-A-Go-Go! booth with its charmingly vintage parasols and tiki-dream color scheme stood out so well against the dark and dreary booths that were pervasive in the main hall of Horror Hound.

The booth is like a tiny shop, enclosed on all but one side so you can walk in and become surrounded by nothing but retro goodness. This is a smart, if time-consuming way to construct a convention booth. It enfolded me in the charm and attitude of playful classiness Retro-A-Go-Go! strives to uphold. I like to do an initial sweep of the floor, and I must admit, it was very hard for me to leave the booth without buying anything straight away.

A beautiful Bride of Frankenstein necklace had caught my fancy, and for a day and a half I thought about it, longingly. Thankfully, as the con was closing down, the lovely persons of Kristen and Doug let me browse the booth again as they tore down, acquiring my necklace, a Bride of Frankenstein pill case (this is a huge purchase as I have been searching for a pill case worthy of owning for years) and a pair of outrageously adorable sunglasses shaped like cat ears and whiskers.

:: The Purge: Anarchy (2014)


There are only hours before the commencement of the Annual Purge, the 12 hour period when all crime is legal, and three groups of people are unwillingly drawn together to weather the onslaught.  They are “Married Couple With Problems” Shane (Zack Gilford) and Liz (Kiele Sanchez); “Hard Working Waitress And Her Socially Aware, Yet Naive Daughter” Eva (Carmen Ejogo) and Cali (Zoe Soul); and “Taciturn Loner With Heroic Tendencies” Sarge (Frank Grillo).  Shane and Liz are stalked by a hunting pack of Purgers, while Eva and Cali are menaced by a neighbour intent on rape.


Things take a strange turn when Eva’s building is targeted by paramilitary forces, intent of taking people by force to be gunned down by minigun-weilding Big Daddy (Jack Conley).  Sarge is on his own mission, and stumbles on Eva and Cali about to be executed, and despite himself, intervenes.  Shane and Liz also arrive on the scene, and Sarge is forced to take them all to a place of safety before he can continue with his destiny.  However, they are still being hunted, and Big Daddy is not the only high-tech purger on the streets…

Purge: Anarchy is an improvement on the first film.   Instead of a static home-siege rip-off of Assault on Precinct 13, we have a mashed up version of two other John Carpenter films: the city as a dangerous place from Escape From New York, and the elites are out to get you plot of They Live.  I’m not certain how writer-director James DeMonaco is going to continue the trend of cannibalising old Carpenter movies for the third in the series… set in a fog, maybe?  A small group of “friends” waiting out the Purge in an isolated spot, just waiting for one of them to crack?

:: Christopher Walken is CAPTAIN HOOK

Yup.  Playbill has released the first image of Walken as the Captain (looking awesome) in the upcoming NBC LIVE production of Peter Pan.  I have to say, he looks perfectly sinister and neat.  It will air on Dec 4th at 8pm.



Per Playbill:  Taylor Louderman, who appeared in the Broadway musical adaptation ofBring It On, has been announced to portray Wendy Darling, with actress Alanna Saunders cast in the role of Tiger Lily in NBC’s live broadcast of Peter Pan.

Christopher Walken will star as Captain Hook with “Girls” actress Allison Williams set to fly in the musical’s title role.

:: Colin Firth Kicking Teenage Ass is HOT.

This film is also known as Kingsman: The Secret Service.  But I’ll just call it “Colin Firth is the John Steed We deserve”.  Here’s the new trailer.

The flick hits February 13th since it was bumped to next year.  Looks like Sam Jackson is also the bad guy this time around and Mark Strong is also back playing Firth’s buddy in a secret spy capacity.

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