:: Lego Dimensions is here to take ALL THE MONEY

Lego Dimensions should just change its name to Geek Crack and get it over with.  Set to fight it out hard with Disney Infinity and Skylanders as well as the other “Keep buying figures to add to your game” franchises, Lego Dimensions is going straight for all the geek friendly established movies and series you can think of.

There’s already talk of a Doctor Who add on for the game as well as all the LOTR and DC properties it can snag.  But one that no one expected is the Back to the Future one which is what we get a gander at in this commercial starring Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd.
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:: Hillywood is back, and they are bringing the Natural

This may be the greatest Hillywood Show parody EVER and that’s saying something.  This Supernatural Parody has nearly every cast member involved.  Enjoy


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:: Mad Max is Back and Coming Back Again


I haven’t had a chance to really write down here my reaction to Fury Road.  The fact is it is probably the best action film in the last 20 years or so.  It’s just that damn good.  It was beyond my expectations and just freaking balls out fantastic.  The film just goes and keeps going.  Even without much dialog we get the story and we know these characters.  Everyone delivers when the shoot was obviously brutal.

Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron are equals, which pissed off quite a few supposed “male rights advocates.”  But if you remember Max in the other films was sort of just there.  The only one he was a focal point in really was the first film.  In The Road Warrior he stumbles upon the village, much like he does in Beyond Thunderdome.  So his role in this film and his lack of dialog (which is also sort of typical after the first movie) isn’t surprising at all.

George Miller brings back his creation with the full treatment.  Practical effects and stunt work, an eye that creates an artistic masterpiece out of every insane scene, and a soundtrack that’s the pulse of the films hard pumping veins. Fury Road is the R-rated action flick we’ve been waiting for, seemingly for years.

I have a feeling Mad Max: Fury Road is going to be the sleeper summer surprise.  While Ultron may have hit a billion, I think Fury Road is going to have legs into possibly July, maybe longer.  It’s just that good.  I personally have friends who have seen it multiple times already.  And they keep going back.

Miller’s film is not only all of the above but it does have a great message which many people have picked up on:  Don’t underestimate women.   Read the rest!

:: Pixels has a new trailer


Pixels is here to play on your nostalgia in a way that Wreck It Ralph succeeded in.  The thing is Pixels has Adam Sandler and Kevin James who have managed to have some of the worst comedies of the last few years between the two of them.  But in the plus side it has Peter Dinklage and what looks to be a decent budget.

If this movie was smart it would have hired Lance Guest to cameo as Alex Rogan from The Last Starfighter to take part in some sort of massive Galaga battle.  But I have a feeling that this movie won’t have that sort of umph.

But I can’t say I’m not curious to see what they do with this, even if the thought of Paul Blart makes me want to self harm.

Pixels hits theaters June 24th (one day after I turn 40….oh jesus god….)
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:: Red Nose Day Comes State Side

While typically it’s the UK peeps we see doing a ton of Red Nose day celebrations, this year the US decided to really give it its all for the first time in May.


There are quite a number of Red Nose acts popping up around the web but I think none may top this one by Peter Dinklage and the band Coldplay.

It’s self explanatory.  I will just leave this here for you to gaze at with awe.  You can’t spell Pimp without Imp.

If you don’t know what it is, Red Nose Day is a comedy event to help stop poverty.  Doctor Who is typically a huge deal at this time with a special minisode shown during the UK Red Nose Day event on the BBC in March.  This year though Peter Capaldi chose to do an appeal film showing the poverty and sickness from Malaria rampant in Africa.  While not the the typical comedy associated with Red Nose Day, it gets the point across why it is important.

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:: Turkey Shoot (1982)

Ozploitation #9


In a near future totalitarian state, people known as “deviants” are imprisoned in re-education camps.  One of these is ruled by Charles Thatcher (Micheal Craig), who with his rumoured-to-be-castrated guards, exerts the will of the Great Society upon the inmates.  Three new arrivals, persistant trouble-maker Paul Anders (Steve Railsbeck), suspected prostitute Rita (Lynda Stoner) and innocent young shop-worker Chris (Olivia Hussey), witness the barbarity of the camp first hand as one of the guards, Ritter (Roger Ward) beats a young woman half to death, and an escapee is burned alive.  That is not all that Thatcher has in store, however, as he offers them their freedom if they engage in a hunt.  A hunt in which they are the prey.


Given no real option, the prisoners will be at the mercy of their hunters, which include sadistic bisexual horse-rider Jennifer (Carmen Duncan), and Tito (Michael Petrovitch), who’s weapon of choice is a waistcoat-wearing wrestling wolfman called Alph (Steve Rackman).  With the odds stacked against them, Paul Anders sees an opportunity for revolution, and seizes it…


Turkey Shoot (aka Escape 2000, aka Blood Camp Thatcher) was written by Jon George and Neill D Hicks, and directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith.  It had a rather bumpy ride to the screen, having its filming time cut from 44 days to a mere 28, and losing almost half its budget.  The producers saw fit to try and recoup some of their lost funds by taking what money they had down to the horse-track and betting on a big win.  Trenchard-Smith and executive producer/2nd unit director David Hemmings did not get along.


In Not Quite Hollywood producer Antony Ginanne hints that star Steve Railsbeck was under the influence of either drugs or alcohol at the time of the filming.  Read the rest!

:: Roadgames (1981)

Ozploitation #8


Erudite haulage driver Pat Quid (Stacey Keach) has been driving too long, and has started to hallucinate through lack of sleep. Together with his dingo-dog companion Boswell, he takes another job, despite his exhaustion.  Meanwhile a hitch-hiker is strangled with piano wire in a hotel room.  Quid sets out on the road again, joining the strange community of drivers, and to while away the time he plays games of imagination.  He gives his fellow road users nicknames and back stories, chatting all the while to loyal Boswell.  However, his suspicions concerning the driver of a green van grow as he comes to imagine that the driver may be a serial killer.  Later he joined in his game by a young woman, whom he calls Hitch (Jamie Lee Curtis), and together they investigate while travelling the long, lonely road to Perth…

image flipped to not confuse americans?

image flipped to not confuse americans?

Roadgames is written by Everett de Roche and directed by Richard Franklin.  As a road-trip version of Hitchcock’s Rear Window (1954), Roadgames works exceptionally well.  The central casting of Keach is a master-stroke, as he carries virtually the entire film on his one-sided dialogue with his pet dingo.  His imagination is the driving force of the narrative, even though the audience has seen that there is indeed a murderer on the loose.  The question becomes one of how and when Quid will become involved rather than merely being a voyeur.  Each attempt for him to contact the authorities is foiled by noise and incompetence, and he eventually becomes a suspect.  His interactions with the sweet and enigmatic Hitch are the high-point, as they spark with a brief sexual tension coupled with like-minded game-playing.  Read the rest!

:: CW’s Legends of Tomorrow has a Trailer

CE-4EH8UMAA6mjm.jpg large

If the Avengers have taught us anything its that people LOVE super hero team ups.  This coming fall The CW is taking that to heart and giving you a weekly series of a massive super hero team up made up of the guest heroes of The Flash and Arrow.

It also has Arthur Darvill playing a character who’s called a Time Master…but is basically another version of The Doctor from Doctor Who (if you don’t believe look at this)


It looks like a fun show if not a very busy one.  I’m curious to see how long they can keep it going for.  If Arrow and Flash are any indication this should be a hit.
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