Fangirls Rally to Save the Seeker, Cancellation Announced


Devoted fangirls alerted me early this morning that there’s about to be less of the beautiful Craig Horner on television… Legend of the Seeker has been canceled.

If you hate to have another fun loving show canceled too early, check out this website or this donation page made by an intrepid LJer.

There are a plethora of videos up on YouTube from avid fans of the show. Why, here’s one now!

So, if you are so moved, keep LoTS from going the way of Firefly and Vengeance Unlimited! Fangirls make your devotion known!

Also, don’t forget the stars can use your support/fanmail at this time as well!

Love from us Fangirls to Laura Ventura, Kate Hughes, Estelle Brun… way to be!

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Jeffrey Combs : April 2006

Name: Jeffrey Combs

Birthdate: Sept 9th, 1954

Birthplace: Oxnard, CA

Occupation: Actor, Lovecraft Icon, and winner of having played more species than any other actor in Star Trek

You know you’re hot when you can make holding an extremely fake severed head look sexy.  I also call this picture, “I’m a happy mad scientist.”

What started it all?: Well, that would be a little film called Re-Animator.  Jeffrey brought to life one of the greatest mad scientists to ever grace the printed word or the silver screen, Herbert West.  Dr. West did more bad things than Frankenstein could have dreamed of.  He believed in himself and his work, and could take on a mean pair of pissed off intestines with the best of them.

Young Doctor In Love:  Jeffrey looking all kinds of cute in The Man With Two Brains.  Shape of things to come?  Only if those things were in the shape of a heart (you’ll not get that joke till you see the movie)

Please probe my mind…please?  Jeffrey as the sweet telepath Harriman Gray in Babylon 5

Sci-Fi Here I Come: Horror may have started it all, but Jeffrey has become a familiar face in the land of Sci-Fi.  He has, as stated earlier, been more races than any other actor in Star Trek.  He’s been in Babylon 5, The Twilight Zone, and is currently in a recurring role in The 4400.  The boy is a genre vet of the first order.  And that’s not even including the movies he’s done.

Vorta’s have ridges…like Ruffles…only tastier.  Jeffrey as the silky voiced Weyoun on DS9

More reason to love him: Jeffrey really seems to love his fans.  Also, along with fellow baddies Marc Alaimo and Casey Biggs, have created the awesome “What Shakespeare Left Behind” routine that they perform at conventions.  It not only entertains, but educates on all the things that Shakespeare has influenced in our lives.  And of course, they all do a part as their favorite of the Bard’s villains.  Plus, Jeffrey has embraced his ties with H P Lovecraft, having done a CD reading the tales of Herbert West, as well as even playing the writer himself in a twisted little film called Necronomicon.

No, that’s not Bruce Campbell.  That’s Jeffrey (looking a lot like Bruce Campbell) as H P Lovecraft in Necronomicon (not to be confused with the book of the same name, from Bruce Campbell’s movies)

Alas, Jeffrey doesn’t do much shirtless or provocative pose wise (which is a sin).  So I went with the twisted and wrong to close this one out. Twisted in the fact that, yes…he’s had his “man parts” shot off.  Wrong…in the fact I’m not noticing that.  I’m noticing his belly button is showing.  (hangs her head in shame)  From the movie Caught Up.

Props to The CataCombs for all these great pictures.  Check out their site!!