This is SO not okay: Darabont Leaving Walking Dead?

Deadline (ironic eh?) is reporting that Frank Darabont is stepping down as the showrunner of AMC’s hit The Walking Dead.

This is a shock as Darabont was at Comicon just last week helping promo the shows second season which starts this October.

The series is still in production and there’s no word yet on how this will effect anything.  There have been other strange announcements since the 2nd season was announced such as the writing staff being replaced by Darabont to instead use contract writers (the idea was nixed by AMC.)

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this one plays out and if Darabont stays on board in some way.  In the mean time, here is the awesome looking second season trailer for The Walking Dead:


Depp will ride a Mustang after riding the range

During the Dark Shadows panel at Comicon last week I asked the question of the panel and Jim Pierson (consulting producer on Dark Shadows) if it was in fact true that Johnny Depp will be donig the Nightstalker remake.

It is in fact true. And not only that, but according Laura Parker and Jim, it will be his next project after The Lone Ranger (both of these will be backed by Disney.)

So there you go boys and girls. Pretty much a assured he’ll be Kolchak

John Carter (of Mars) Trailer is live


If you were wondering just what the heck John Carter is or where it sprang from look at the image below.  Yes, Burroughs, the man who created Tarzan, is the man who also wrote some badass sci-fi/fantasy.

Click the book to go to the Apple Trailer Site.  The film looks nice, and they did a good job recreating the images from the art Burroughs books inspired.