Matt Smith is Leaving Doctor Who….

Well apparently so.

The video below has Smith saying he’s going to be moving to LA.

He’s got one more year of Doctor Who.  So it sounds like (and I agree with the article from TGDaily) that #11 will be regenerating during the 50th anniversary episode.  (Or at least he should.)

Maybe we can get them to finally retrorengerate The Doctor back to Paul McGann so #8 gets his time on screen.  Or he could go back to #10…I wouldn’t mind that at all.  But most likely it’ll be a new actor heading into the Tardis.

My vote for who should be the next Doctor?  Well there are two for certain I’d like to see.  The video with Smith talking to VH1 follows my picks.


This is also more than okay


Who is Chris Lee in Dark Shadows?

Well I have your answer:

Christopher Lee’s character name is listed as Bill Malloy on the recently updated IMDB page.

Malloy on the series was the manager of the Collins family’s fishing fleet.  He was an old sailor with ties to Burke Devlin and Sam Evans.  He meets a bad end and comes back as a ghost.

So far no word yet on who the original cast is playing (I’m still hoping for salty old sea dog Frid.)

God words can’t describe how excited I am for this.


I want to cuddle this picture

Thanks to Filmdrunk we have a copy of the EW reunion picture of the cast of the Princess Bride.  Click the above to go to their site to see video of the reunion from Good Morning America.

I want to hug it.  There are too many thing to love in the photo (not the least of which is the rodent of unusual size over in the corner and the photos of the cast members we’ve lost.)