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Ghost Rider Trailer #2 = No fire pee’ing!!

Far more serious in tone than the first one, this trailer shows The Rider doing badassery.  Bring it.

Lincoln is gonna kick your ass…

Behold the new poster for what should be one of the more fun vampire movies of the last few years, Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter.  I truly love this poster.  Also, heeee!  Day before my birthday release.

Dracula 3D(oh!)

So this video is making the rounds and I have to agree its so insane I have to see it.  I’m not sure if that’s the vibe Argento and company were going for, but there it is.  Right alongside the giant mantis and David Bowie’s Labyrinth owl.

I also want to debate the term “Teaser.”  This thing manages to cram into 2 1/2 minutes nearly every plot point (plot is loosely used here) of the film, including what looks like the ending.

In terms of quality it reminds me of some of the older PC Games when they used real video for their cut scenes.  I have to say if this was a video game I’d totally buy it.  I mean damn, you’ve got everything in here.  Nudity, giant killer bugs, Dracula, a Hobo with a Shotgun (filled with silver bullets) I mean…what’s not to love?


Fangirl Radio tonight!!!!

Tonight at 7pm Central we record the newest episode of Fangirl Radio!  This episode will focus on classic comedians from old school Hollywood and a few random bits.  We’d love to have you take part!  Feel free to call in at 310-928-7857.  Oh and a special Christmas giveaway will be taking place!!!  Stay Tuned! And check out

So…yeah….Rock of Ages

Riding upon the wave that is Glee and nostalgia is Rock of Ages. Or as I’m calling it Cruise does Danzig. Actually I guess he’s what happens when Brett Michaels and Danzig have a baby. Anyway…it’s sort of like a car wreck I can’t look away from. I sort of want to see it against my will. Discuss.

MIB 3 = Josh Brolin is cloned from Tommy Lee DNA

Even if there was absolutely no need for the sequel….Brolin channeling Tommy Lee Jones is beyond creepy and perfect.

Fangirl Radio 010 – Steve Niles




Guest: Steve Niles (Creator of 30 Days of Night)


Help Mr. Universe!

David Krumholtz has been diagnosed with Thyroid cancer.  Over the next three days he’ll be tweeting and posting videos from quarantine as he is given a radioactive iodine treatment for the condition.  He’s trying to raise money for St. Judes and any charity of your choice.  Help Mr. Universe keep the signal strong.!/DaveKrumholtz


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