Brand New FanGirl Site, Same FanGirl Mischief

After many many long woman-hours (which, despite arguments to the contrary on either side, are just as long as man-hours)

Fangirl Mag has an extremely shiny new website!!

(Almost) in time for Comic Con 2010. ;]

This website is still a bit under construction as we move over four years worth of reviews, interviews, articles and other goodies written by the FanGirls. Check back as there will be constant new content as well as fresh archives (yes, i’ve just invented a data descriptor called ‘fresh archives’) for your hungry eyes and brains.

We’ve kick started an old favorite, the Centerfold of The Month section with a well deserving appointment going to the most kick-ass, half-human South African fangirl-fave, Sharlto Copley.

Also, as i live and type, FanGirl founder and editor Jessica Dwyer is in sunny San Diego (my old home) for Comic Con 2010. if her near complete radio silence today is anything to go by, she’s either having way way too much fun hunting down tall skinny Scottish men wearing masks in the chance they’re actually David Tennant, or she’s been (entirely willingly) hijacked by Anthony Stewart Head, OR she’s been trampled by Twilight fans. you just never know. o_O

More updates from Con 2010 to come soon! in article, interview and pictorial form!

(check out some pictures from yesterday HERE!)

I’m Ren, your friendly neighborhood FanGirl webmaster. i’ll be finishing the website build in the next several weeks so if you find anything amiss like a bad link or broken bit, just shoot me an email ren[at] (i have yet to earn my own [at] email address, think i might have to dress up like the Bride of Frankenstein and direct traffic or something…)

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