Tremors 5 Hits Today!


Greetings Graboid fans!  Today marks the return of the worms and we’re celebrating here at Fangirl Magazine with our all Tremors episode of Fangirl Radio as well as some awesome behind the scenes pics from actor Michael Gross.

Listen to our Tremorstastic episode below and check out these great shots from Michael Gross’s Facebook page.

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Mark Meer Is Heer and Hear


Mark Meer joined us on Fangirl Radio this week to talk Tiny Plastic Men and his career as an improv artist, HP Lovecraft fan, and to pay tribute to the late Sir Christopher Lee.  Mark’s a horror fan and he does some amazing things thanks to that love of horror.  Here’s the episode for you listening pleasure!

And now the promised pimping!

You can also Heer Meer in the upcoming XBox One release The Long Dark (which we’ve reviewed previously here for early release on Steam.)  Here’s the trailer that was premiered at E3:

If you want to Seer Meer check out Tiny Plastic Men on Hulu you can click the image below:




If you want Heer Meer, you can on The Irrelevant Show on CBC Radio.  Click the image to go to site:



You can Seer and Heer Meer at The Rapid Fire Theater too.  Click the image to go to the site (and also see some AMAZING costumes/characters done by Mark like Sinestro):



Fangirl Radio/Welcome to Night Vale Crossover: The Return of Cecil Baldwin

Hello Listeners.

We apologize for the delay, but the when I tried to post this episode for your listening pleasure a noxious cloud of blue and black smoke erupted from my monitor and then settled on top of my head for a very…very long time.  I ‘m not sure how long though as the voices speaking to me from the ends of the tentacle like appendages that inserted themselves into my ears from the cloud were so very loud I lost track of time.  I’m still not quite sure what happened to a few of those days, but I woke up with half my torso tattooed in hieroglyphics and the ability to speak Mandarin.  Also I have third eyeball….which is really playing havoc with my peripheral vision.

Click below to download the return of Cecil.  Just be prepared.


Here’s where you can find Cecil and the gang without the benefit of that 3rd eye

Dashcon (click the image to go to the site)


Thrilling Adventure Hour Meets Welcome to Night Vale


Cecil Baldwin on Facebook!  Also look at this face!!!

Also our other guest Hannah Trank’s novel Are We Dead Yet? is available as well.  Here’s the cover.  Click it to check it out on Amazon and pick it up on Kindle or in that old fashioned way…paper.

Are we Dead Yet

Fangirl Radio 080 – In Defense of Peter Capaldi, Casting questions & Elysium



Fangirl approves of the new Doctor! Also, we STILL can’t decide on who should be Batman. And, the Elysium review we didn’t want to give.

Absentee Fangirl Ren’s Contributions:


Just had to make sure that was clear.

…..but maybe this guy could be………..?


Fangirl Radio 079 – Bobcat Goldthwait! And the NEW Doctor!


Bobcat Goldthwait joins us to talk about his new horror film Willow Creek!

Check out the incredibly cool poster (click to embiggen!)


Ren the Absentee Fangirl input!:



James Morrison would be perfect for older Batman!! i’m completely in favor of this. The one role I always think of when i see him is T.C. McQueen from 1995’s Space: Above and Beyond which i was crazy about.


Fangirl Radio 078 – Comic Con 2013 Exclusive Doctor Who Interviews!


Fresh from Comic Con 2013! Fangirl Magazine exclusive interviews with Doctor Who cast and writers: Mark Gatiss + Steven Moffat + Jenna Coleman + Matt Smith!

Ren’s Absentee Fangirl Significant Contributions:
Ok so i couldn’t be on the show this week but i listened to it before getting it posted and i MUST (you cannot oppress my opinions!) add these two facts: 1) Tom Hiddleston was dressed as JANGO Fett, not Boba. Also, he purports to have ridden the whole flight from London that way! 2) Hugh Jackman is NOT 5’9″, he’s freakishly tall. Just look at him standing next to someone like Conan O’Brien, he’s easily 6’2″.