Name: Joss Whedon

Birthdate: June 23rd 1964

Occupation: Writer, Director, Producer, God.

Kneel before me, to hell with Zod!!!

Did you know?

He considers Mad Max 2 to be the perfect movie.

He’s got a new movie coming out in 2007 (that isn’t Wonder Woman) called Goners.  The plot sounds very Buffyesque with it being about a girl who has to find inner strength and overcome horrors and threats that are around her.

Notice the brown coat?

Why did we pick him for a centerfold? Uhm, did you read the part about God?  Joss has created a mythos that will live on in television history.  He made the blonde, pretty girl a bad ass.  He made the blonde, pretty vampire a hero that we all watched on his way to redemption.  And he created a rag tag band of outlaws who are still flying strong, television execs be damned.

Joss has given us the gift of his imagination and we’ve been witness to that imagination set free.  Firefly, Buffy, Angel, not to mention what he’s done with the X-men comics.  Joss is the new master to many a Fangirl and Fanboy.  He’s taken the crown from Lucas and he’s ran with it.  Crossing genres from horror to sci-fi, Joss rules it all with a wink and a smile.

Plus he’s a cutie with that red hair, blue eyes, and winning smile.

So sweetly disheveled, you have to love it.

And just because…I give you young maverick Joss.  With long hair action and kung fu goatee grip!