Fangirl Exclusive: Awaken The Dead

Fangirl Exclusive: Awaken The Dead

Fangirl Magazine has partnered up with the makers of Awaken The Dead, a new take on the zombie genre, to bring you some exclusive pics from the making of the film and the film itself.  Below you’ll see some shots from behind the scenes as well as from the film itself.  We’re excited about this project and we think you will be too.

Christopher is a professional killer on the government’s payroll, until his conscience turns him away from his wet work and into a life in the priesthood.  He turns his back on the violence and struggles for an elusive peace.  He almost has it. 
Until a mysterious red envelope pulls him back.  Back to a safe house that becomes a deathtrap as a mysterious virus transforms the world around him into a nightmare of the living dead.  Together with  a feisty recluse named Mary and Stanley, a nervous Jehovaha’s Witness, he must unravel the clues to this great conspiracy if he hopes to survive. 
Sometimes the path to redemption leads through the gates of hell.
This apocalyptic  tale  also involves  a massive pimp named Grin, two not so innocent Asian Schoolgirls,  a retired ex-marine named Nick and his timid wife Michelle, an innocent bystander named Delilah , an omnipresent  watcher in black and the omniscient Jeremiah. 
Fate and  human machinations tie them all together in a downward spiral of deception and violence.  Violence that teaches the world  to fear the wrath of a peaceful man. 
Filled with action, laughter and more than its share of humanity, AWAKEN THE DEAD crosses genres to bring you a universal tale of horror and action.  AWAKEN THE DEAD is also a redemption tale about two lost souls who are dead to the world until the demons without force them to confront the demons within.
Jeff Brookshire going over the final fight sequence with Gary (Who plays Christopher) and Michael (Who plays Jeremiah).  They didn’t use stunt men or doubles for this scene.  They went at each other full tilt.  Michael had the bruises to prove it.
These are the four main characters left to right: Jeremiah (Michael Robert Nyman), Jeremiah’s daughter Mary (Lindsey Morris), the hilarious Stanley (Nate Witty), and Chrsitopher (Gary Douglas Kohn)

Zombies chasing a kid on a bike (Out of frame) during rehearsal.

Filming a fight sequence with a zombie.

Same fight sequence.  Mapping out the sequence.


Just slightly Bruce Campbell

Michelle (Played by Aurora Corcuera) and the ex-marine Nick (Played by a good friend of mine Paul Dion Monte who is also Sylvester Stallone’s cousin. Look for him in the upcoming ROCKY BALBOA).